About Us

Bowen Electric was started by our founder John Bowen who had a vast knowledge of the national electrical code and extensive commercial experience prior to going into business in 1991. He brought 20+ years of commercial electrical services, industrial, medical, and government electric contract work to the start of his company, Bowen Electric.

Sadly, John Bowen passed away in 2005. But, John left a solid blueprint and road map for his management team to carry on his legacy. The legacy of a great and reliable electrical contractor that can handle any project the DC Metro area has to offer.

Bowen Electric is led by John’s friends and past key employees Jim Rowe and Derek Gallupe. Both are DC/MD/VA Master Electricians who have been with John Bowen since 1988 and the start of Bowen Electric in September of 1991.

Together, Derek and Jim bring over 70 years of commercial electrical experience to our customers.

Our office team and operations are led by Dewey Gibson. Dewey has an extensive knowledge of office management, lighting design, and fire alarm design. He also does the commercial billings including AIA’s, and is an expert with each individual contractors billing requirements. Dewey has been a part of the Bowen team since 1996 and knows every facet of our operation.

Supporting Dewey is Stephanie Long. Our office would not be complete without Stephanie. Steph is responsible for accounts payables, payroll, small billings, and supports Jim and Derek’s operations. Steph has been with us since 2007.

Our estimation team is led by of Barry Schmeck. Barry became part of the Bowen team in 2001 and has 25 years of construction experience. He is a valued member here at Bowen who gives our customers his personal attention during the bid process. Without him, our estimations would just be numbers.

Recently added to the estimation team is Justin Rowe. Justin has been with us since 2007 and he has been estimating full time since 2012.

Bowen’s field employees are among the most highly trained in the Washington Metropolitan area. More importantly, many of our electricians have been part of the Bowen team for over 10 years helping to secure a solid core and backbone for what is a great company, Bowen Electric.

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